96 tracks, 7 albums and 13 EPs in just over a year. At only 26 years of age, Kareem Ali is one of the most popular…


Kareem Ali is one of the most prolific producers of his generation, at only 26 years old, with 96 tracks, 7 albums and 13 EPs in a little over a year, a well-filled collection . His ambient tracks, on the border between house, jazz and hip-hop, seem to be inhabited by cosmic inspirations and his faith in Islam.

The Solar EP is already the eleventh project released by Kareem Ali in 2020. What strange reason pushes the young musician to be so productive? A few months before the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, Kareem Ali violently attacked DJ Nina Kraviz on Twitter, a murderous message in which he advised her to show a little more respect for African-Americans, the inventors of techno and house music.But make no mistake about it, the Phoenix, Arizona-based producer is not driven by hatred, “It’s all about feelings, love and making music to heal people,” he confided in one of his rare interviews with the South African media Meet Me Underground.

Kareem’s mother, a classically trained singer who graduated from New York’s prestigious High School of Music and Art, taught him music at an early age, and at the age of ten Kareem discovered the trumpet and fell in love with Miles Davis, “his main source of inspiration after God”.

If Nas, Gorillaz, Ella Fitzgerald or Kanye West are fighting for third place, it is with Herman Poole Blount aka Sun Ra that the filiation seems to be the most obvious. Kareem Ali shares with the man who says he was “abducted by extraterrestrials to assign him the mission of overcoming chaos with his art”, a love for cosmic philosophy and the need to create constantly.the young producer will have to keep up his pace to match the pharaoh of American free jazz, who has released no less than 200 albums in his 50-year career.25 years after his death, his group, the mythical Sun Ra Arkestra, has just released an album led by saxophonist Marshall Allen…96 years old.

Kareem Ali – Take Me Higher

Kareem Ali is also an admirer of the philosophy, a real one this time, of the Nation of Islam, the institution that welcomed Malcolm X and Mohamed Ali in the 1960’s. While the community speeches preached by the organization’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, regularly stir up controversy, they insist on the need for African Americans to get an education, to acquire socio-economic capital and to fight crime and drug use.Between two posts spreading the good word of the Nation of Islam on its social networks, Kareem Ali amuses himself by mixing his instrumental music with comparable sermons delivered by film characters, such as “Furious” Styles in Boyz N the Hood (1991) or Professor Butler in Menace II Society (1993).


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