Mississippi State to Change Flag to Remove Confederation Emblem

The Mississippi House of Representatives and Senate on Sunday, June 28, voted to remove a Confederate symbol from the flag of the southern state of the United States, the move comes amid a wave of anti-racist protests across the United States.United States has rekindled the controversy over the persistence of symbols evoking slavery.

The current flag, adopted in 1894, includes the standard - red background, blue cross diagonally with small white stars - which represented the Southern States, opposed to the abolition of slavery, during the Civil War ( 1861-1865).

The removal of the emblem was approved Sunday by the Mississippi House of Representatives by a majority of 91 to 23 votes.The vote sparked clamors of approval from the public gallery, and the Senate in turn approved the provision.by 37 votes to 14, and senators celebrated the vote with cheers and hugs.

The law passed Sunday calls for a nine-member commission to design a new flag that will include the phrase "In God We Trust," the U.S.motto.Mississippi citizens will have to vote on the new one.flag in November; if they reject it, the state will not have a flag until a new design is approved.

A change rejected in 2001

A Democratic Senator from Mississippi, John Horhn, stressed that the flag change alone would not dispel the effects of the racist past of the southern United States."But it is a big step on the road to recognition of the 'humanity and the value given by God to everyone,' he said.

Posted Date: 2020-11-17

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